Analytical Reference Standards


1) Reference Material (RM): A material or substance one or more properties of which are sufficiently well established to be used for the calibration of apparatus the assessment of a measurement method or for assigning values to materials.

2) Certified Reference Material (CRM): A reference material one or more of whose property values are certified by a technically valid procedure accompanied by or traceable to a certificate or other documentation which is issued by a certifying body.

Analytical Reference Standards General Product Description:
Global Standards distributes over 4,000 selections of both powder, chip. platelet, rod, block, liquid, neat and solution analytical reference standards

Analytical Reference Standard Materials Available for Chemical Composition:
1) Ferrous metals, nonferrous metals, high-purity materials, inorganics, microanalysis, geological materials, ores, ceramics, and glasses.

2) A Certificate of Analysis is provided free of charge with each order.

Analytical Reference Standards Materials Available for Physical Properties:
Sizing ceramics and glasses

Analytical Reference Standards Typical Applications:
Global Standards is a global distributor of high-quality analytical reference materials for chemical research and analysis.

Analytical Reference Standards End Use Only- Not For Resale:
Analytical reference materials purchased from Global Standards are for end use only by the purchaser and are not to be used for resale purposes.

Analytical Reference Standards Limitations On Use:
All analytical reference materials purchased from Global Standards are chemicals for laboratory use only and are sold exclusively for research and applied chemical purposes. As a condition of purchase the purchaser hereby certifies that the analytical reference materials purchased from Global Standards shall be used and disposed of only within the scope of currently recognized critical standards related to human health and the physical environment. None is intended for nor suitable for cosmetic drug food agricultural or household use.

Analytical Reference Standards Controlled Substances:
1) Controlled substances may be ordered from Global Standards by those licensed by the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration. We must have written confirmation in the form of a purchase order before shipment is made.

2) In ordering Schedules 1 and II controlled substances you must submit: a) a formal purchase order; b) A copy of your DEA Form 223; and c) a DEA Form 222 properly completed.